Our Story

Imagine a world in which the challenges that keep us down are a thing of the past, and everyone is empowered to become the best that they can be. Imagine how vibrant and fulfilling our lives could become. With the support of Reinvent Life Sciences, you don’t have to imagine – the future of wellbeing is here.

At Reinvent Life Sciences we develop scientifically proven formulations so that no matter the challenge, the best version of ourselves is always within our reach. We believe that applying the full force of proven science is the dependable way of supporting people to overcome health and lifestyle challenges, maximise productivity and become the very best version of themselves.

The journey of Reinvent Life Sciences began three years back in India when a team of biotechnologists and consumer goods professionals focussed on the problem of alcohol and lifestyle induced exertions. After 14 months of research and development, we created a unique formulation of safe, effective and scientifically proven ingredients that helps support the body against alcohol-induced short-term and long-term health risks.

As part of our market testing and feasibility study, our product was present on the shelves of 127 retail outlets in India. But due to the various market conditions, it was difficult to achieve the product-market fit. Hence, we required a more suitable market with organised retail and distribution structure.

After a lengthy and rigorous scrutiny of our business proposition, we were selected as one of the 200 high-potential businesses out of over 2000 ambitious business that applied out of 93 countries and endorsed by the Government of UK under the prestigious UKTI Sirius Programme. As a part of the programme, we were given a place at one of the best business accelerators in the UK – Entrepreneurial Spark, Glasgow. Recognizing that the UK market would be a much better fit for our business, we moved to Glasgow and founded the company in July 2014.

After engaging with the Food Standards Agency, performing extensive primary and secondary market research, innumerable taste and quality tests and receiving incredible feedback from industry, national media and customer for our prototype product, we are all set to launch our full range of functional health drinks into the mainstream UK retail market in the spring of 2017.