Bounce Back

Welcome to the world of tasty and healthy functional drinks

We know that the increasing pressures the modern world places on us personally, professionally and socially can make it difficult to be at our best – but what if you don’t have to make constant trade-offs to maintain a productive, healthy and vibrant lifestyle? You don’t have to with a positive attitude and Bounce Back.

We depend on evidence-based science, ensuring real, measurable results that those who insist on living a full and vibrant lifestyle can believe in. We believe everyone can overcome any challenge to become the very best version of themselves – if they have the support they need. Bounce Back can be that support, the go-to solution, the ultimate lifestyle catalyst.

Bounce Back is the ultimate catalyst for those who refuse to stay down in the fight to be at their best, supporting the body’s rapid rejuvenation whilst promoting productivity and wellbeing.

Currently we have three unique formulations specifically designed to help consumers bounce back from health challenges that keep us down temporarily. We have launched the prototype version of one of the products in our range. We are revamping our brand personality, product names and packaging designs with an aim to launch the Bounce Back range in mainstream retail by spring 2017.

You can purchase the first product in the range by clicking the link below

The ultimate after-party replenishment drink – Kangaroo Bounce Back™